Body Dumped in Grave?

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-18h22m10s40We were witness today to a very unusual sight. Police were combing an apparent crime scene in the Lords’ Ridge Cemetery.

But what is unusual is that the scene is a grave that was apparently opened – and what appeared to be human remains, apart from the person buried there – inside.

But these remains were much more recent. The sharp-eyed funeral goer who alerted everyone to the site spoke to us off-camera today.

Funeral Goer

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-18h09m53s60“Well, actually I was in a funeral yesterday and my eyes went straight to look at there and the face, I am showing everybody, but I can see everything and I watch forensics every day that that is wrong.  If old, a body is not to smell in there.  So, that is the reason why I called you guys to see it for yourselves”.

Reporter:  “You say you called the police and they didn’t respond?”

Funeral Goer:  “No.  They said tomorrow make we call the person who build up the grave so that they can come to deal with it”.

Reporter:  “How is it that you came upon this person in the grave?”

Funeral Goer:  “I don’t know.  Maybe the person was calling me to look straight into the grave because I was coming to the funeral this way and I saw it straight at the person’s head and it smelled and I made everybody come take a look because I knew what I was seeing”.

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-18h11m38s127He says he wanted to make sure, so he called the Police, who responded today.

Funeral Goer:  “When I am looking at here, it is supposed to be the same way, and I just called on everybody and showed everybody”.

Reporter:  “Do you feel that it is a recent one?”

Funeral Goer:  “It is a recent.  Just look at the body how it is still decomposing at its state right now.  That is not normal for a body that has been dead for so long to still be decomposing itself”.

Reporter:  “We understand you also spoke to the caretakers what the date was”.

Funeral Goer:  “Well, I didn’t talk to them, but they also took a look yesterday, but I just want you guys to see what I am seeing”.

Reporter:  “So, you feel someone may have been murdered and has been thrown in there?”

Funeral Goer:  “Yes”.

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