Body Found Floating In Sea

The Police Department continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a Caucasian male person who’s lifeless body was found floating in the sea in the village of Ladyville, Belize. The body was found on Thursday April 23rd near the Usher Estate and residents around the area said they could see the body from the pier. Police responded to a location on mile 5 on the Philip Goldson Highway at around 2:20 pm where the caretaker informed them that he saw some crows flying low and perching on the mangroves. He further told police that he went to see what the crows were eating and found the body of a man dressed in kaki short pants and a black T-shirt floating face down in the sea. Police fished the body at around 5:30 pm and conducted a onsite post-mortem. But due to the advanced state of decomposition there were unable to identify him. Furthermore, the deceased had no identification documents with him and the only notable features on him were a tattoo marked “Ninfar” on his right arm and a tattoo marked “Anibal” on his left arm. Police say they have no active missing person’s report and so the deceased was listed as “John Doe.” The cause of death remains undetermined however police observed no physical signs of injuries on the body. Investigations continue.

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