Body of Marky Mendez found by hunters

vlcsnap-00349The body of  24 year old Marky Mendez was found on Monday night. Two hunters were in an area near the Warie Head Bridge on the George Price Highway;  that’s after Teakettle Village, past the S Curve vlcsnap-00362when heading from Belmopan to San Ignacio.  The hunters were looking for live game but instead came across the gruesome sight of the decomposing body of  Markey Mendez. Mendez had been missing since Wednesday June 21st sometime after 11 p.m. Teakettle Villagers were convinced he was killed and had found a bloodied cement block and a blood trail in a forested area near the river. They had demanded that police conduct dive searches by setting up a road block with burning tires to persuade cops to help them in the discovery of the body.  That area where villagers thought Mendez’ body was dumped is actually in the opposite direction from where he was actually found, 2 miles or so in the opposite direction. It appears that the killers went to great length to conceal the body as it was off the highway into some dense bushvlcsnap-00350 almost a mile off the road. The discovery was made sometime around 10 p.m. last night and the hunters quickly alerted police who arrived at the scene. It took authorities a while to maneuver through the bush and arrive at the location of the body. Not much could be done at that time and so today, with family members and friends standing off the highway waiting, police conducted an on site post mortem. That concluded sometime around 11:30 this morning. It revealed that Mendez died due to a gunshot wound to the head. After the post mortem was conducted, police released the remains to the family who were standing by with a casket.  According to the mother of the missing man, while she is saddened at the murder of her son, she is relieved that the body has finally been found. They immediately took the remains to be buried. In the meantime, police investigations continue.vlcsnap-00359vlcsnap-00353

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