Body of Missing Roaring Creek man found with multiple stab wounds

The search for 24 year old Emerson Daly, from the Village of Roaring Creek, came to a tragic end when his lifeless body was found floating on the Belize River, approximately one and half miles in an easterly direction from the Roaring Creek Village.

According to reports, on Sunday January 18th, Emerson left his house in Roaring Creek village in his uncle’s blue Nissan pathfinder enroute to Belmopan. Accompanying him was another man, whom the family could not identify. What happened after that is what CIB personnel are still trying to determine.

After failing to arrive home that same night and the following morning, Emerson’s mother filed a missing person’s report on Tuesday January 20th., which launched the police into investigation.

vlcsnap-2015-01-22-05h37m04s59A few hours later, police discovered the blue Nissan Pathfinder on the Mount Pleasant Road, Belmopan City, with apparent blood on the back seat. At around 1:30 pm on the same date, a white undershirt with apparent blood was recovered on the back road that leads from Cohune Walk Phase Two to the George Price Highway.

Family and friends of Emerson organized a search party on Wednesday and began combing the river at around 7 am; and though police reports say that the authorities discovered the body, family members told us that it was them who found the body. Bernardo Tzul, the cousin of Emerson Daly, was with the 5 member search party that first spotted the body.


vlcsnap-2015-01-22-05h45m45s115Bernardo Tzul – Cousin of Emerson Daly

[Paraphrased] “Everybody organized last to do a search team on the water this morning, so we left out seven o’clock from Roaring Creek River, and we found our love one down here.

I only saw one stab wound, which he had in his face, and he was face down in the river.

We only saw the red pants, hooked up on a stick. Then we found the undershirt.

We went close, and we knew it was him.

We found him 8:35 this morning. There were five of us in dory, and we found him down the river.”


The Forensics team arrived at the scene at around 1:30 pm where an onsite post-mortem was conducted due to the bad state of decomposition. Candy Newfield, a member of the Roaring Creek village council, worked intimately with Emerson Daly and remembers him as a youth advocate and community leader.


vlcsnap-2015-01-22-05h59m39s29Candy Newfield – Friend of the Deceased

“One of his biggest goals  actually for this year, between himself and I, with the permission of the Village Council, was to try and do an Active Youth group in Roaring Creek as well, where ‘at-risk’ youth or anybody can come and sit, talk, dance, sing, play, whatever your hobbies are or whatever your talent is. You can come and showcase it at our Center in Roaring Creek.

Unfortunately, due to this incident, we won’t be able to go through [with the project].

Emerson Daly was loved, not by hundreds but by thousands of people. He has impacted their lives.  He’s very creative, very talented.

These people have no idea what love they have killed. The world has little as it is, and this boy at 24 years old has contributed so much love to this world.

The recent stuff I have done with him was on New Year’s Eve.  For some reason, it was almost weird, he came around and said, ‘Candy, look ‘pon the person next to you and tell them “I love you, I love you, I love you,” but mean it.  He was full of love.  He has so much love.

He was the sole caretaker of his three siblings, with his mom.  His mom is a widower, hard worker, that was there always for him.

One of the things that really, really angers me, if they knew who he was, if they knew who Emerson was, nobody in their right mind would have killed him.”


The body of Emerson Daly was laid to rest at the Roaring Creek burial ground at around 5 o’clock Wednesday evening.

Police have not made any arrests so far, while investigations continue.

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