Body of missing woman found in San Pedro

22 year old Silvia Carmen Benites was reported missing last week, when reports are that she was last seen on a beach drinking with a number of men. After that, she was not seen or heard from.

However, Miss Benites’ body was unexpectedly found in an area north of San Pedro town on Saturday afternoon.

According to authorities, passersby in the area, three and a half miles north of San Pedro town, smelled a stench in the area and upon making checks, discovered the nude body of the Honduran national, in a muddy pond at the side of the road.

Police say that a post mortem examination revealed that Sivia Benites’ body has multiple blunt force injuries to the right side of the face, the neck, and the back. They also found restraining type injuries to the shoulders and inner thigh.

Due to the state of decomposition, the cause of death could not be determined.

Police investigations continue.

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