Body of police officer found floating in the river

New Belize RiverHow did the body of a police officer and Orange Walk resident Antonio Chan end up in the middle of Belize New River? That’s what authorities are tonight trying to figure out. 44 year old Chan mysteriously disappeared after socializing with friends on Saturday night and just a few hours later, his lifeless body was being retrieved from the Belize New River. Police say that about 1:00am on Saturday, Chan was seen within Orange Walk town and nearby Trial Farm Village, hanging out at a bar in Trial Farm Village. What happened within the next couple hours is still unknown, but a little after 7 o’clock that morning, his body was seen floating face down in the river. He was wearing a police t-shirt and uniform pants and blood was seen coming from his mouth. He also had two small cuts above both eyes. Chan’s white Isuzu pickup was also retrieved from underneath the water. We understand that Chan clocked off duty sometime after 10pm on Friday night, after which he went to the bar.

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