Bodybuilding Federation elects new executive

At the end of 2014 the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation celebrated important triumphs in regional bodybuilding with medals at the regional games, while also dealing with internal fallout over the exclusion of body fitness champion Cricel Castillo over critical comments on financing she made via Facebook. Over the weekend the Federation met in Belize City and chose a new executive, headed by Myrna Paul-Grinage, the wife of champion bodybuilder and trainer Clayton Grinage. The executive is rounded out by first vice-president George Myvett, acting secretary and second vice-president Wendy Oxley-Assad, assistant secretary Josephine Gault, treasurer Giovanni Gomez and committee members Guy Neal, Christina Requena, Dion “Tash” Banner and Nelson Young. Only Young and Myvett remain from the former administration of Stanley Moody. The new president was previously an assistant secretary before resigning. Now that she is at the top, she told us about her plans for bodybuilding in Belize.

Myrna Paul-Grinage- President of Belize Bodybuilding Federationvlcsnap-2015-03-31-14h25m00s248

“My vision for the presidency is because I wanted to make a change in the sport. I want to assist the body builders to get the recognition and also to improve the whole body building association. As a federation, Ithink that we can do much more for our athletes and that motivates me to participate.  In the case of the conflict or presumed conflict, there is no conflict because my office as presidency is more of an administrative role than what it takes to be a judge as judging a body building contest. We have nothin g to overrule the judging, the judging is independent hence why we have judges.”

Paul-Grinage says her husband did not have any role in her choosing to run for election. We asked about a potential reinstatement for Castillo and the work of her predecessor and this is what she had to say.

Myrna Paul-Grinage

“Mr. Moody has done a good job. I want to commend Mr. Moody and the team of executives that worked under him. Under his leadership, we were able to accomplish a lot for body building, probably not as much as people wanted.  In terms of Crisel Castillo, I think it’s a bit premature. we haven’t had our first executive meeting yet. I think it’s something we can review and get back to the media with that.”

The executive serves for a two year period.

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