Bomb threat at Cayo store

There was a bomb threat in the San Ignacio area on  Monday. ABC store was evacuated and searched following the 911 call to police. Superintendent Richard Rosado told us more.

Supt. Richard Rosado, Superintendent of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-20-11h47m11s82

“On Monday the 18th of July 2016 a caller called the police via 911 and stated that a bomb was placed inside the ABC store. The Canine Unit and the BDF Export was subsequently attached to clear the building and no explosive device was found at the store. Whenever police receive information about a bomb threat we would go through basic procedures which would be everyone being evacuated and a bomb expert will be called in to declare the building safe. We are currently trying to identify the number that called the hotline.”


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