“Boots” says UDP will win Municipals

Yesterday, we shared with you the Leader of the People’s United Party’s take on the upcoming municipal elections which are some 9 months away.  According to the PUP leader, he believes the PUP will have the victory at the polls even though those he has personally canvassed so far have expressed fear of victimization. Today, the media spoke to Southside based UDP Minister, Anthony “Boots” Martinez. He expressed confidence that his party will keep the Belize City stronghold. He said that some councilor candidates have already submitted their applications to contest the poll.

Hon. Anthony Martinez, Area Rep. Port Loyola: At least I could talk for Belize City. It’s one more time down again for the People’s United Party, and I’m certain of that, because we hold our grounds strong in Belize City and I think you’re well aware of that.vlcsnap-00368


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