Bowen Responds to Union’s Boycott on Company Products

hand writingYesterday the APSSM, the BCWU and the Umbrella Union of NTUCB sent out a press release asking for their member’s support at boycotting the bottling giants Bowen and Bowen. This morning the BEWU ( the Belize Energy Workers Union) joined their efforts as they announced their support to their Umbrella Union to boycott the franchise expressing their discontent with the firing of the thirteen employees.

They said, “It is imperative that the Bowen and Bowen group of Companies, seriously takes into consideration, this call for reinstatement of the employees.”

download (1)Bowen & Bowen issued a statement this afternoon saying that it is committed to remain focused on its customers and loyal employees as it is one of the largest single employers in Belize. It says,“It is regrettable that a small group of former employees continue to act in a manner which affects the livelihood of over 900 of their former co-workers; putting them at risk by tarnishing the company’s reputation which could affect sales, directly affecting commissions, warehouse operations, distribution and production.”

The company says it has improved the channels of communication at the company by creating the post of an internal communications officer and placing Human Resource laisons throughout the country. It says that if the former employees “ had used any of the avenues for discussion instead of not coming to work on March 1st 2014,  defaming the Company and trying to tarnish the good name of the company,  they would still have their jobs.”

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