Boy dies from traffic accident injuries

A 9 year old boy died as a result of a traffic accident that happened on Thursday of last week. By all appearances, and according to xrays and ultrasounds, 9 year old Geraldo Lopez was not in any critical condition after he was knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the Orangevlcsnap-3398-11-19-10h53m06s311 Walk Main street that doubles as a highway. However, things took a turn for the worst on Saturday morning and the child suddenly died to the shock and bereavement of the family. According to the family, on Thursday at midday, Standard three student Geraldo Lopez was walking to a tortilla shop when a motorcycle driven by Sixto Martinez, knocked him down. The child was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital with what appeared to be a swelling on his head and a bruise on one of his hands, but no other sign of injury. The parents requested a cat scan but after the x-ray and ultrasound results showed that everything was okay, the family says the doctor said it wasn’t necessary to do the cat scan. However, on Friday night, the child suddenly went into  a seizure and became unresponsive. Early Saturday morning, the child was being taken to Belize City for a cat scan when he passed away. Police say that they have arrested Sixto Martinez and charged him with Manslaughter By Negligence, Causing Death By Careless Conduct and driving without due care and attention.

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