“BPP Response to GOB’s Limited Access to the Sarstoon”

And while eyes are now turning to the immigration situation in Belize, there is still the matter of the Belize Guatemala issue, to which we now turn our attention. As we reported yesterday, Government has relaxed somewhat on its SI which restricted Belizeans from accessing the Sarstoon for an entire month. On Monday, GOB says it will now allow limited access to the Sarstoon for those who are not just trying to make a political statement but have legitimate need to be on the Sarstoon. The  Belize Progressive Party  issued a response to Government’s  relaxation of the SI calling it a “… a half-hearted olive branch”.  BPP says that

The fact remains that the enacting of the S.I. was a critical mistake, by the PM on both sides of the border.   …..  The thirty days are quickly drawing to a close and therefore, this stop-gap measure in simply a veiled attempt at biding time. In this regard, the BPP decries this disingenuous action by the Prime Minister….”

BPP says they are of the opinion that Belize is to rescind the Compromis and take the entire matter of Guatemala’s unfounded claim and its unprovoked aggression to the UN Security Council.vlcsnap-2016-05-11-14h14m48s720vlcsnap-2016-05-11-14h14m44s285vlcsnap-2016-05-11-14h14m11s914

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