BPPS councilor offered bribe by UDP operatives?

The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) Councillor candidate in PG, Maria Lara, is claiming that she has been approached by ranking UDP operatives from Belize City who went to PG and invited her to a meeting. In that meeting,   Lara  was allegedly offered a bribe to step down as a BPP candidate.

Maria Lara, BPP Councillor Candidate

“Mr. Macario [Coy] was the first one; the Senator, before the debate at Parish Hall; he did approached and asked me if my bills were paid, Mr. Macario Coy; and I had actually asked this [from a] long time, Mr. Ashton to help me; he didn’t respond back; he said he would help me. Then Mr. Coy asked me again if I did get the support that I asked for a while ago, long ago before I got into this election. And then he promised he was going to help me; he asked me to print the invoice and give it to him because he was going to Belmopan the following day. I did text him the following day and asked him if the offer was still there and he said yes, they were going to help me; that was not a problem. So I met Mr. Price the other night, and he asked me the same thing, if I was getting help to cover my school fees at Galen University, and I told him not yet. Then he told me his party is going to help me, and he will check someone that he can talk to, to help me pay all my bills. I didn’t expect what they asked me to do; first I needed to do that before I get the help.”

Today, BPP’s Wil Mehia called into Rise and Shine to speak about what he says is the UDP handout activities happening in the south prior to the municipal elections coming up in a couple of weeks.

Wil Mehia, BPP Toledo

The children want to go to school and they cannot afford to go and theses have people that’s offering to pay for them and I think that is totally wrong these guys have a solo right so low I mean they drive around in a Belize City van handing out liquor and a dollar cellphone they sell BTL now which supposed to be our national phone company is so involved in politics they’re driving around right now in a white van from Belize City the handout liquor milk goes with the liquor expired milk .Milk that is about to expire in 3 or 4 days and a red bag and BTL is having a promotion right now for dollar but then again this is how low these guys will go .

Again, municipal elections are scheduled for March 7.

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