Bradley Paumen receives bail of $50,000

58-year-old Bradley Paumen received bail today in the sum of $50,000.00. As we told you yesterday, the Frank’s Eddy businessman with vlcsnap-2016-01-18-12h33m55s338some 8 million dollars worth of investments including in Dark Knights Tours, was arrested, charged, and arraigned on four counts of “abetment to murder”. He is accused of trying to put a hit on Belmopan businessman, Michael Modiri, and three other persons. As we told you, there has been some history  between the two gentlemen; some of it played out last year in the Supreme Courts of Belize in a case where in early 2013 someone entered Modiri’s property without his consent and cleared a ¾ mile long road leading directly to the caves of Jaguar Paw. Bradley Paumen’s business began using this road as access to the said caves for Dark Knight. Government promised to fix the situation but to no avail so in 2014 Michael Modiri went to Court.  During this time the government began arranging the compulsory acquisition of his Property to give Dark Knight continued access to the caves.  Justice of the Supreme Court Sonya Young ruled that GOB acquisition of Modiri’s land for a Public road was illegal because the road led only to the caves that Dark Knight accessed.  She made a Declaration that the vlcsnap-2016-01-18-12h34m12s964acquisition was an error of law, unreasonable and arbitrary, and gave Costs to the Claimant in the sum of $15,000. In effect Michael Modiri won his case against government and by extension Bradley Paumen.  As we said, there is no indication that that Modiri land case has anything to do with the current case of abetment to murder; it only highlights that there has been some history between Paumen and Modiri. Modiri was also in the news back in May of 2015 when he was vlcsnap-2016-01-18-12h33m15s416arrested and charged for kept unlicensed ammunition, kept unlicensed firearm as well as kept prohibited material because the gun he possessed had on a silencer. Modiri, along with three women, were intercepted  in  a vehicle he was driving on the Humming Bird Highway in the St. Margaret’s Area, Cayo where police found the gun and ammo. Michael Modiri is  a dual citizen of USA and Iraq. Today in court,  the prosecution, represented by the Director of public prosecution, Cheryl Lynn Vidal, objected to Paumen’s bail on the grounds that Paumen was a flight risk and that he might interferre with witnesses. Paumen’s attorney, Ellis Arnold, argued that Paumen would not flee because he is a Belizean and has tremendous investments in Belize. The justice agreed and granted bail with certain conditions which include that Paumen surrender all his travel documents to the court, that the US Embassy be notified that his US passportvlcsnap-2016-01-18-12h33m22s412 is in the custody of the court, that he attends the magistrate court on every adjourned date until the matter is concluded, that he reports to the police station every Wednesday and Friday until the case is over, that he is not to interfere with witnesses, and that he is not to leave the jurisdiction  while the matter is pending. Paumen is to be back in court on March 8, 2016.  Police say the investigation is still on-going and is likely to result in the arrest and charge of other persons for related offences.

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