Brandon Tillett alleges Police brutality

Competing for the interest of the fairer sex has been the downfall of many a man, but Brandon Tillett’s mistake was to go after a young woman who had an ear in to the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). We spoke to him to today.

Brandon Tillett – Alleged Victim of Police Brutality:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h45m23s255Yesterday I was pon my work-site here.  I see young lady.  I di court the young lady. Then after that, like couple of minutes after, I see the GSU unit arrive.  They look for somebody, but I couldn’t think say like that me they look for or check.  Then after that I see the man stop by me.  I control my work-site.
The man tell me I’m wanted for a robbery or something like that.  I say “What am I wanted for?  Me no do nothing big, man.”  The man handcuff me.  The next man tell me “Wait till we reach our site.” That Queen Street there. As I a reach Queen Street there, the man grab my hands, threw me against the cement wall. The next one grab me, threw me on the ground, stamp up my face pon the ground. After that I noticed noticed my teeth broke.

Tillett insists he did nothing wrong, but he was made to look foolish by the officers.

Brandon Tillett – Alleged Victim of Police Brutality:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h45m38s151I want talk to the man, where I may di talk to the woman, and he live right up so far.  I want to talk to the man, and the man no give me a chance to talk.  The man may give me a camouflage hat, stuck that over er head, fi make him see nobody or nothing at all. But they carry me hospital.  They di take picture of my teeth destroyed. Evidence and everything they check me. Man may chance me.  Tear up the medical form and everything. They chance me. 

Tillett now wants the authorities to pay to fix his teeth. He will make a complaint to Internal Affairs. Mother Glenda Williams says that her son is not the only one being targeted in the area.

Glenda Williams – Mother of Brandon Tillett:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h45m56s68All the Police they do they beat the youths they round here so for nothing.  I wanna know what are the outcome now become for my son now for get for he teeth back now. ‘Cause di man no di work, and make er see how my son were get pon the job site right now, for continue work.

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