Brawl in Chunox leaves man critical at KHMH

A brawl in Chunox village has left one man critically injured at the KHMH. 20 year old Mariacel Tun of Chunox Village, Corozal District, reported that on  Sunday 20th of July 2014 about 10:00pm, she was at home along with her mother and some friends when she heard a fight outside. When she went outside, she saw four men of the same village beating her common-law-husband 19 year old Jose Danilo Monzon. They were beating Mr Monson all over his body with a shotgun and when she tried to help him, she was stopped by two of them who grabbed her, threw her on the ground and started to beat her. She managed to bite one of them and got up but she was then punched to the left eye before they left.  Danilo Monzon was left unconscious on the ground covered in blood with two large cut wound in his head. He is presently hospitalized at K.H.M.H in a critical condition while his common law wife, who is four months pregnant, had a swollen eye, scrapes , and bruises, and was complaining of pain to the lower back and abdomen. Corozal Police have since detained six male individuals from the village of Chunox pending investigation.

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