BRC Printers May be in Trouble

vlcsnap-2014-06-10-20h26m48s200Most primary schools across the nation of Belize have been using BRC Reading Books for many years.

In fact, many readers today can boast growing up on these stories which have been in circulation for the past thirty –five years.

The western community of Benque Viejo has been the biggest beneficiary as BRC Printing, which hires close to 40 employees, has become the largest employer in the community.

But news reaching Plus TV this evening is that the Ministry of Education, which purchases these books to supply primary school children for numerous years, is about to cut funding from BRC by $500,000.

We were able to confirm with BRC’s, Deacon Cal this evening that, indeed, his company is facing a hefty cut of orders as it pertains to reading materials.

He also conceded that  educational materials to primary schools is his single largest income generation for the Benque Viejo company, but added that he was not yet prepared to speak on the issue.

Our source claims that the government decision may have something to do with how Ministry of Education wants teacher’s to teach reading in the classroom.

While we were unable to make contact with Ministry of Education, and we will try our best to do so tomorrow, the decision may not only have an effect on what happens in classrooms across the country, but also have an effect on one of Benque’s oldest businesses; printing.

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