Brian Hyde Challenges Charge of Assaulting Police Officer

18 year old Brian Hyde, a resident of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District, is facing a charge after allegedly assaulting a police officer.

But Kaila Morales, the aunt of Brian Hyde, believes the charge sheet is questionable and now seeks to challenge it at court.

The entire scenario reportedly began a few weeks ago when Kaila Morales rented a room to a woman who later moved out.

A few days after she moved out, police allegedly entered the house at 17 Blaine Street, Belmopan, without permission, purportedly under the pretext of retrieving the woman’s belongings.


vlcsnap-2014-11-11-16h00m54s50Kaila Morales – Alleges Police Home Invasion

“On November first, which was a Saturday, Belmopan Police illegally entered my house, for the purpose of assisting a young lady whom I used to rent a room to.  However, it was not the young lady that I rented the room to that came along with the police.  It was, I assume, some relative.

They proceeded to remove household items from my house, and also beat a young man by the name of Brian Hyde, inside my house.  The Police are alleging that Brian assaulted them.

Now Brian was outnumbered.  The Police are armed. The likelihood of him assaulting a Police, he would have to feel like Hercules.  So I would thing  logic common sense would dictate that it was the other was around. 

Brian has no interest to serve, because he’s only a visitor.  He’s related to my son.  He would have no reason to be agitated, to want to assault an officer.  Brian was at home with my ex-husband.

They did not come there with a court order, which is required by law.  If they went to assist anybody to remove household items, they need to have a court order.  In order to have a court order they would have to have a court hearing, between me and my former tenant.  There was no such thing.  So they could not have had a court order.  They did not have a warrant either.”


But according to Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Station, a warrant was in order.

Brian Hyde got bailed on Thursday of last week at the sum of $1,000 dollars, and is scheduled to return to court on January 9th.

Kaila Morales says she will be lawyering up to challenge the charge sheet against Brian Hyde. In addition to that, Ms Moralez says she and Brian Hyde have made statements to Internal Affairs concerning the incident, and have every intention to sue both the Police Department/ GOB and three other individuals involved.

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