The People’s United Party Leader Johnny Briceno is calling on the Government of Belize to immediately decrease taxes on fuel. Briceno held a press conference in Belize City this afternoon where he addressed several national issues. He began the conference by speaking on the rising cost of living Belizeans are experiencing. According to Briceno the Belizean dollar does not hold the same value it did in yester-years

Johhny Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: Government can, and should immediately reduce the tax on all fuel. How can our productive sector grow, when an important cost of production, fuel, continues to rise? How can our tour guides and taxi operators make headway when they have to pay more and more every day at the pump? It’s a shame that the government puts so much burden on the Belizean people, when every day, there are new allegations of abuse, waste and corruption by this U.D.P. government. As if this is not enough, the recent increase in butane, just after elections from $104 to $114 for a 100lb cylinder. The 7.1% rise in electricity rates, which will come July 1st will add more financial pain on already suffering Belizeans. It may soon come to a point where Belizeans will be forced to take more drastic action as it relates to the rising cost of living because the rising costs of goods and services has, in effect, eroded people’s ability to purchase. Plain and simple, what you could buy with $50 of fuel years ago, you simply can’t buy today.

Briceno indicated that recent school graduated who will be seeking employment will have a hard time finding a job given the current state of our economy.

Johhny Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: The tourism season is winding down, and we have thousands of young Belizeans graduating from our colleges and universities. For those who will not go on to further studies, finding a job will be their first priority. Given the current state of our economy, finding a job will be tough because our economy is not growing enough to create the amount of new jobs needed for those who are entering the work force as well as those laid off from work in the tourism sector.

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