Last week Friday Ya’axche Conservation Trust and the Trio Farmers Association inaugurated a bridge to improve access to Belize’s agroforestry concession in Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. The Ya’axche Conservation Trust has been working with 31 farmers to grow cacao at the agroforestry concession, with 165 acres of cacao planted so far.  Here is more on how the bridge will benefit the farmers. 

Christina Garcia: The Agroforestry concession model has come really a long way from since 2012 to 2018. There has been a lot of production happening in the Agroforestry concession, especially as it relates to cocoa, corn, peppers, ground food, etc. Today we are celebrating the inauguration of the bridge that was constructed in the Maya Mountain Area, and basically the bridge will help the group come a long way given that during flooding season it prevents challenges in terms of transporting crops out of Maya Mountain North. The construction of the bridge and the help received from the GDF’s small grants program really is going to alleviate some of the challenges and help some of the Trial Farmers Cocoa Growers Association get their products out of Maya Mountain North to different markets that are available. It has been a really great success for the group and also for Xache; a huge milestone. Thanks to the huge partnership that Xache currently has with GDF’s small grants program, this was possible.

Isabel Rash: I am very excited about the bridge that the constructed. First of all we did a plan; we met with the board members and we planned how we would build it and now it is complete. It will benefit the group a lot, harvesting the cocoa and corn that we do in the concession. We’re really happy about it and it will benefit the group a lot.  

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