Brutal police beating caught on camera

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A brutal police beating incident was all caught on camera in Orange Walk by the wife of the victim. The video has made its rounds on face book and a police officer and 2 special  constables are now being investigated. 28 year old Andres Rodriguez was badly beaten on Sunday night at his house.  Andres says he was sitting in a van drinking a beverage when bright lights were flashed in his face. He thought he was going to be robbed and he refused to open the door and quickly drove off.  The men followed him and caught him at his gate, and beat him.  The beating lasted about 8 minutes in the presence of a few neighbors, his son, and his wife who recorded the ordeal. In the clip, Rodriguez is heard asking police why he is being arrested, but no one answers his question. Rodriguez says he wasn’t trying to resist arrest, but after he was beaten he was afraid to go with police.


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“I tried to get into my house so that they stop beating me but my foot got stuck on the gate. That’s when they started punching my head, one hit after the other until my head started bleeding. I dropped to the ground,  and I was telling them  that my foot was stucked, but they started to handcuff me thinking I was trying to resist and kept beating me on the ground. They continued hitting me until I managed to get inside my house. Then they started beating me between two of them; two police officers. One of them was telling the other to shoot me and the other was asking, ‘why if he wasn’t doing anything. He isn’t resisting.’ Once they detained me, they put me inside the pickup and took me to the hospital. While at the hospital, a woman came and said she doesn’t know me. I didn’t know what was going on.  They cleaned my wounds and closed my wounds then took me to the police station. At the police station, another officer started to insult me. I told him ,’what do you have against me?’ He hit me again, twice, while I was sitting there handcuffed. I couldn’t even defend myself. Other police officers had to intervene to remove him from me. They reopened my wounds that were already been treated.


Rodriguez claims that at no point in time did the officers identify themselves and he was not told why he was being arrested until he reached the police station. Apparently, a female had called the cops on Rodriquez who was parked in his van claiming he had been stalking her. While at the station Rodriguez claivlcsnap-2015-04-15-13h48m51s141vlcsnap-2015-04-15-13h48m34s228ms he got a second beating by a third police officer. Rodriguez received injuries to his head, arms, legs and body. He was released the following morning without any charges and has since filed a complaint against the police officers. Plus News has confirmed that police have launched an investigating into the matter.

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