BSCAP questions licensing of Aurelio Martinez song in BTB ad






Last week we brought you the controversy surrounding the usage of a song by Honduras’ Aurelio Martinez in international advertisements promoting Belize by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB). While the Board is sticking to its guns, the Belizean Society of Composers, Artists and Promoters (BSCAP) hit the issue from a different angle this week. In a press release, BSCAP says it supports the licensing of all music used in advertisements whether local or foreign, and says that if the BTB properly licensed the song then it has shown its obligation to follow that course in all business-related activities.  The organization says “It will continue to aggressively work to license all businesses, broadcasters and events that publicly perform/broadcast music, so that our musicians can derive a financial benefit from the commercial exploitation of their works.  This way, regardless of whether local or foreign musicians are used in ads, our local musicians will still receive just compensation from the public performance of their music throughout the country via the countless other mediums that currently use their music without permission or payment to the musicians (e.g., restaurants, hotels, clubs, radio, TV, etc.).

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