BSCFA says PM’s alliance appears to be with ASR/BSI

While the Prime Minister says he is all for the farmers and would not wish to see the association splinter, BSCFA’s Alfredo Ortega says he does not buy it, and is of the strong opinion that the Prime Minister’s alliance is with BSI/ASR. .

Alfredo Ortega – BSCFA Committee of Management

“I am very sad on the comments of Prime Minister, because it clearly shows that he is not vlcsnap-2015-01-09-08h36m06s113working on the benefit of the Belizean population.  He is not working for the cane farmers.  He has clearly demonstrated that he is mostly sided to the multinational, rather than to the Belizean people.”


Emanuel Pech – Plus News

“What about purpose, in your opinion, for this big press conference that he held  not too long ago?”


Alfredo Ortega

“My answer to that is that it is to intimidate the farmers so that they can feel cornered, and that there is no other way out, and to go ahead at the mercy of BSI/ASR.”

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