BSI/ASR sends BSCFA back to members or no agreement signing

The BSCFA are in limbo as they await the outcome of a discussion between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and ASR.

On Wednesday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) sent a letter, signed by the majority of its members, saying they are willing and ready to sign the agreement with BSI/ASR.

As we told you on Thursday, fragments of BSCFA signed the agreement with ASR as the Corozal Sugar Producers Association or CSPA. We also understand that another group, the Progressive Sugar Producers Association or PSPA signed the same agreement with BSI on Thursday evening.

Together, officials say the two associations along with other individual reaping groups, registered under the Sugar Industry control Board, surpass the minimum tonnage of 5 thousand tons required to start the crop . All this was happening while old-faithful sat and waited for BSI’s response.

On Friday they got that response.  At around 12 noon BSI sent a letter addressed to Chairman Ezequiel Cansino, informing them that BSCFA will not be allowed to signunless BSCFA takes the agreement back to their general membership for final approval.

At Thursday’s impromptu press conference, Mac McLachlan, International Relations Advisor for ASR, said that since the fragmentation of the BSCFA, it is unclear who the association represents. For this reason, and upon the advice of their legal attorneys, the millers are asking BSCFA to go back to their members and get their act together.

Late Friday evening we were told that BSCFA will be having an emergency general meeting on Sunday.

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