BTB comments on Crime situation

The nation is still dealing with the negative publicity Belize is currently facing following a serius spike in murders, including that of American vlcsnap-2016-01-18-12h37m30s341tourist Anne Swaney who was strangled to death by the river in the Cayo district last week when she went there to do her  yoga. Just a couple weeks before that , Canadian film maker Matthiew Klinck was murdered in his yard in the Cayo district as well; stabbed multiple times.  The murder of these foreigners has raised questions about the safety for tourists in articles on the web, including a yahoo news article. Today, in an open letter to industry partners, the Belize Tourism Board said, and we quote,  Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the family of American tourist Anne Swaney who was found murdered…” BTB also says that they , and we quote again, “We will continue to work with the Belize Police Department in our tourism vlcsnap-2016-01-11-10h07m32s671capacity to assist in their investigation. Moving forward, we will work with the Belize Police Department and advocate for an increased police presence to ensure the safety and security of everyone in Belize.”   The letter ends by saying that industry partners’ suggestions on preventive crime strategies are welcomed at this time and can be submitted to the BTB.

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