BTB gives out six tourism scholarships

vlcsnap-2016-08-25-15h27m11s234Six young Belizeans are preparing to pursue further academic dreams in the field of tourism, and today the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) gave them important assistance. Herbert Haylock, Director, Quality Assurance and Industrial Standards, B.T.B. explains:

Herbert Haylock, Director, Quality Assurance and Industrial Standards, BTB;

The intent and the hope is that they continue forward as future leaders. One day we will see them taking on the positions that myself and others hold in the Industry at this point in time.

We also spoke to two of the scholarship recipients:


Scholar Recipient;

I like that fact that they are doing things for the benefit of the people and for the benefit of the country and it’s is some way an upliftment for the country.

There was also a scholarship in culinary studies of 10 thousand dollars which was awarded to Einar Marin of St. John’s College Junior College during the Taste of Belize event earlier this year. Scholarship winners are required to take internships at the Board or other tourism partners during their course of study. The Associate and Bachelor degree scholarships are tuition-only while the Jean Shaw scholarship covers all costs for a four-year course.

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