BTB new Director resigns amidst allegations of fraud

Only Monday, The Belize Tourism Board announced that Clive Myers had been appointed as Acting Director of Marketing and Industry Relations; a post left vacant when Alyssa Carnegie left for Oceana.

The BTB boasted that Clive Myers holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Drexel University Online, among other local training.

BTBWell… what a difference 48 hours makes because at 4pm on Wednesday  evening The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) sent out another Press release announcing that Mr. Clive Myers,  “… has tendered his resignation with the organization, effective immediately.”

It appears that Clive Myers is in the middle of allegations of Qualifications Fraud.

Earlier, information about his educational records was photocopied and circulated to several media houses.

The allegation is that he did not complete a degree program at Drexel University Online or Ashford University online. The files include documents showing the two online universities stating that they were unable to find a record of Clive Myers’ attendance at either institution. A third school, Arizona State University, was also unable to validate Myer’s claim that the University had expressed interest in him doing a Ph.D. program there.

Interestingly,  Clive Myers has been working at the BTB for some time serving in various capacities including Destination Planning and Development Coordinator, Local Events, and Press Officer at the BTB. He also served as a Creative Arts Development Officer at the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA).

BTB has announced that Ms. Karen Pike, Director of Information Management, will be holding over the responsibilities of the Marketing and Industry Relations department, in the interim.

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