BTB to scrap increments?

The Belize Tourism Board is reported to be facing a cash crunch that has led to an unpopular plan to end increments for workers, replacing them with 5% end-of-year bonuses. While the former are not taxable, the latter are, and disgruntled employees are reported to be hiring legal counsel to pursue their interests. The Prime Minister weighed in on the issue today.

Dean Barrow – Prime Ministervlcsnap-2015-04-17-09h24m30s189

“I am not aware of that, I am not aware of the circumstances you are describing and I am certainly not aware that the BTB is running broke. I know that they’ve had some pressures and I’ve been aware of that for some time – that they have been a hold that they were seeiking to get out of but I’m not aware there has been any exacerbation of that situation.”


“I know that the Executive Director was meeting with various departments and staff…”

Dean Barrow

“In terms of the industrial relations, I really don’t know about that aspect of the issue but I am sure that the people at the BTB, the director  and certainly Mrs. Bevan’s and the Board of Directors of the Belize Tourism Board, I am sure will have the industrial relations aspects of things well in hand. 

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