BTIA Orange Walk Chimes In on Band Fest Decision

vlcsnap-2014-04-08-17h35m43s72The Town of Orange Walk was already gearing up for the much anticipated Band Fest 2014. Twenty three vendors had already signed up and preparing for the thousands of people who attend the event.

However, yesterday  the Organizing Committee made a last minute change moving the venue to another district; Corozal Town. Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard, sent out a press release and spoke with PlusNews last evening in which he expressed his, “utter dismay and outrage at the Orange Walk Sports Council and the Ministry of Sports”.

According to Mayor the neglect and mismanagement of the People’s Stadium was the fault of the Orange Walk Sports Council .Dwight Wade, Sports Coordinator of the Orange Walk Sports Council told Plus News that due the rains of the last three months the field became non-useable. He says they did everything in their power to repair the damages of the stadium but it was not enough.

btb logoToday, the Belize Tourism Industry Association BTIA, Orange Walk chapter chimed in with their Press release today stating their disappointment.

vlcsnap-2014-04-08-17h37m10s113They say that the situation could have been avoided with better communication and preparation among all parties involved. They say “that the responsibility for maintenance of the Stadium lies squarely on the shoulders of the Orange Walk Sports Council;” adding that “they needed to get their act together” and that while they are happy for Corozal Town who will now benefit, “the decision to relocate was not necessary.

The organizers could have explored the possibility of getting Louisiana Government School grounds which is properly lit and fenced.” The release ends by appealing to the organizers to please reconsider Orange Walk as the venue for Next Year’s Band Fest event.

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