BTL Directory has Belmopan Fire Station phone number wrong

On Tuesday in our newscast, we reported on a fire that gutted a home in the village of Blackman Eddy. No one was hurt in the incident but the cause of the fire was still undetermined.

As we also reported Tuesday night, we tried contacting the Fire Department in Belmopan to get an update on the investigation but the phone just rang off the hook.

We looked in the 2014 BTL directory for the Belmopan Fire Station number, and the one listed in the green pages is the one we called but to no avail.

On Wednesday morning, the Belmopan Fire Department personnel showed up at PlusTV, due to our news report Tuesday night, to find out which number we called. We showed them the number in the BTL directory under “National Fire Service” in the Green Pages and they were shocked that the wrong number is still listed in the phone book, as it was also wrong in last year’s directory.

Belmopan Fire Department has since asked us to share with our viewers that although the BTL directory says 822-2311, the actual number for the Belmopan Fire Station is 802-2311.

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