On May 11, 2018, BTL abruptly ended all media advertisements with Kremandala which incluudes KREM Radio, KREM TV and the AMANDALA Newspaper. KREMANDALA is now subjected to the same Advertisment Bann that PLUSTV has singlehandedly endured since 2013 when the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) Government took over the reigns of BTL. Undoubtedly the move by BTL is being interpreted as political punishment to the KREMANDALA Empire as newly elected Mayor Bernard Wagner is the husband of Amandala’s Newspaper Manager, Jacinta Hyde. PUP Deputy Leader, Hon. Cordel Hyde still puts in time at Kremandala  and KREM radio and TV activist, Mose Hyde is now the President of the Christian Workers Union. Today the People’s United Party (PUP) piped in and called on the Government to immediately rescind the advertisement ban imposed by BTL on the Kremandala organization. It says ” It has come to the attention of the PUP that BTL, a company which the Prime Minister is fond of saying – ‘belongs to the people of Belize’, has discontinued advertising with KREM Radio & TV and the Amandala newspaper. While BTL is claiming budgetary constraints, sources inside the company have stated that the decision is based on instructions coming from the leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP). “The Kremandala organization, which maintains a significant share of the media market in Belize – more so than WAVE Radio & TV which continues to benefit from BTL ads, should be treated fairly. We condemn any action by this government and the UDP to use the people’s assets to punish those who are seen as political enemies. Such actions cannot and will not be tolerated.” While PlusTV and now Kremandala have been banned from Airing telemedia Ads, the other media houses including UDP’s WAVE Radio and TV, RSV’s Love FM and TV, Channel 5 and Channel 7 are still getting ads.

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