As we reported on Monday, BTL abruptly ended all media advertisements with Kremandala several weeks ago, which includes KREM Radio, KREM TV and the AMANDALA Newspaper. On Monday the People’s United Party (PUP) piped in and called on the Government to immediately rescind the advertisement ban imposed by BTL on the Kremandala organization. Late last evening BTL responded to the Press Release issued by the People’s United Party. The BTL Press Releases said, and we quote, “After the recent Municipal elections, BTL congratulated all winners with full-page advertisements in all media, including Amandala. BTL’s Executive team then met with many of the new mayors and their teams from both parties. In these meetings, we assured them that BTL would continue offering the same corporate social support that it always has and work with all Municipalities to improve the lives of all Belizeans regardless of party affiliation”, end quote.  BTL explained that their reasons for ending their advertisement Kremendala is to adapt tand harness the opportunities presented by digital disruption. The release continued, quote, “With more and more of our customers getting their news online, newspapers are facing challenges to adapt and harness the opportunities presented by digital disruption. Belize Breaking News for example is one of the main ways beyond TV and print Belizeans get news”, end quote. BTL concluded the releases by saying that they “will continue to move more spending towards digital communication channels.”

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