BTL unveil their 2013 Telephone Directory

vlcsnap-2013-03-27-19h48m28s64BTL says au revoir to 2012 as they unveil their 2013 Telephone Directory. This morning, the Belize Telemedia Limited launched the new directory in San Ignacio Town. The book comes stacked with regular telephone listings, cellular listings and government listings. So it’s a just your ordinary phone book right? – Not so. In fact, this year’s volume serves as an educational and tourism resource. CEO of BTL, Karen Bevans spoke about these features.

Karen Bevans – CEO of BTL:
vlcsnap-2013-03-28-08h06m35s75The very attractive “All About Belize” section, provides very valuable information that acts as a resource document for students and teachers. In other words, it provides very educational material and historical information to facilitate educational development in this country. BTL is proud to be associated in this other way of enhancing our educational foundation and outreach. The restaurant and hotel guides give major publicity to the tourism sector and helps to foster tourism activity in the country of Belize. There is also a very enticing section that promotes the very food types in Belize. This is surely something that attracts tourists to our telephone directory.  

This year’s cover pays homage to the Belize’s Agricultural sector, displaying the rich produce that the country cultivates. Bevans expounded on the cover.

Karen Bevans – CEO of BTL:
As the great American activities – Caesar Chavez once said “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house, eat with him and he will give you his heart.” This statement encompasses to a large extent what Belize and Belizeans are all about. Today, BTL is highlighting the fact that agricultural produce and the Belizean cuisine places us at a unique status within the region and makes Belize a home away from home for many tourists.  

Minister of the Natural Resources, the Hon. Gaspar Vega, who was also on hand for the launch, spoke highly of both the telecommunications and the agriculture industries.

Hon. Gaspar Vega – Minister of the Natural Resources:
vlcsnap-2013-03-28-08h06m54s48This year, BTL’s directory cover is no exception, as you look at it, the words fresh, vibrant, colorful, nutritious and abundant comes to mind when looking at this picture. I believe it is a strong statement on our nutritious local food that we consume. While agriculture and telecoms may seem very different, in reality, Belize Telemedia and the services it offers, helps to connect and unite us as a people. Equally, without a modern reliable internal and external communication network, a country is vulnerable in today’s globalized world.    

For the first time, the yellow pages classifications as well as the yellow pages index is provided in Spanish. Even more, each book contains with a discount coupon from selected businesses in the country. The 2013 BTL Telephone Directory comes in both a mobile version and the online version.

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