BTV back to the border

On Sunday March 22nd members of the Belize territorial volunteers, the Northern Territorial Volunteers, citizen supporters and the local media, travelled to the furthest reaches of Jalacte Village, in South West Belize to plant some 20 coconut trees at the border line. This is after the OAS had criticized the BTV for planting some of the trees on the wrong side of the border. Our Journalist Emanuel Pech accompanied the party to Jalacte and has this report.

 Emanuel Pech Reports from Jalacte Village 


 In the press release sent last week, the Belize Territorial Volunteers invited the Guatemalan media, and personnel from the OAS Belize/Guatemala Adjacency Zone, so that they re-verify that the trees were planted in Belizean soil. Neither showed up for the three planting ceremony.

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