BTV condemns bias referendum Campaign

Is the Government of Belize planning to conduct a bias ICJ Referendum Educational Campaign in order to influence a ‘yes’ vote? The Belize Territorial Volunteers believes that is the case. BTV issued a press release today strongly condemning certain comments made by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington in a recent media interview. Minister Enlrington said, quote, “…if you don’t say yes to the ICJ, you are crazy” , end quote.  In response to those remarks, BTV says, quote “We have no doubt that the Foreign Minister was expressing his government’s policy and his remarks are the latest example… that the government has no intention to conduct a neutral and impartial public education program” end quote.  BTV further stated quote “The Foreign Minister’s remarks constitute an attack on the people of Belize who are entitled to exercise their constitutional and democratic right to vote yes or no to the ICJ”, end quote.  According to the release, BTV plans to, quote “write the U.S. Secretary of State and members of the U.S. Congress informing them that U.S. taxpayer’s dollars are being used to allow the Belize government to subvert the democratic right of the people of Belize to be properly educated in preparation for the upcoming ICJ referendum”, end quote.  BTV ended the release by calling on all social partners to express their concerns over the failure of the Foreign Minister and his government to conduct an unbiased and impartial public education campaign.

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