The Belize Territorial Volunteers issued a press release today voicing concerns over recent pronouncements by the Minister of National Security on the I.C.J and on the Ministry’s intention to hold its own public military education program.  On the 15th of June 2018 the Minister of National Security pronounced over the media that they had met with security personnel and they intend to travel the country as military and as national security personnel to talk with Belizeans on what are our perspectives on the issue. In response to that announcement the BTV says, quote, “neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education have publicly notified Belizeans when, where and how the public education campaign on the pros and cons of going to the ICJ will begin. And what format and knowledgeable personnel will be engaged” end quote.  BTV further stated in their release, quote, “that it was the very same Minister who allowed Guatemala to build a military base on San Pedro while Guatemala was in the process of building another military base on Hunting Caye…It was also the same Minister who allowed the Guatemalan Navy to chase Belize Coast Guards from Sarstoon Islands in May 2015 and subsequently to occupy and take control of Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River” end quote.  BTV ended their press release by calling on the Government of Belize to halt the Minister of National Security premature adventure in holding his own public information program and that the long promised public education on the upcoming ICJ referendum be undertaken at the earliest in a transparent and unbiased manner.

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