BTV says GOB not holding proper education forums on ICJ issue

In a press release issued today the Belize Territorial Volunteers says that the Government of Belize still has Belizeans in the dark as to when its referendum will take place. Guatemala’s referendum on whether or not they will go to the I.C.J. is slated to take place on April 16, 2018, but in Belize no date has been announced. BTV says that  it  “…condemns the failure of government in not holding proper public education forums countrywide so that Belizeans are full educated on the pros and cons of Guatemala’s claim and the benefits and drawbacks of going to the I.C.J. This failure by government can only be seen as a deliberate and wicked effort to keep Belizeans in the dark on such an important and existential matter which can result in the loss of Belizean territory.The release also singles out Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington for stating at last month’s OAS meeting that government will do everything in its power to obtain a YES vote in the referendum. The release continues that  “The BTV strongly condemns such high handed and arrogant abuse of its power to provide all the facts to the people of Belize and not to manipulate information.”  The BTV press release ends by calling on civil society, the churches and media to become more vocal against what it calls a vigilant and vocal disdain for its democratic responsibilities to Belizeans against Guatemala’s relentless efforts to grab Belizean territory.

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