BTV says Guatemalan Fishermen continue unabated

The Belize Territorial Volunteers took a trip to the Sarstoon River today and says that the Guatemalan fisher folks continue to fish in Belizean waters unabated. BTV leader Will Maheai spoke to his camera crew earlier today after they discovered a gill net in Belizean waters.

Will Maheai,Belize Territorial Volunteersvlcsnap-2016-07-20-10h15m56s121

“This gill net is less than quarter mile from the Belize Operating base and look at this net, the gill size is ridiculous. Right now we are looking at no less than 24 fishermen with nets. These fishermen are from Guatemala and yes this is clearly Belize’s waters. First of all this gill net is illegal in Belize and it is also illegal to put a gill net near a river mouth.  Everything here is illegal but they are still setting it. But more shamefully, is the fact that they will lock up Belizeans but they are Guatemalans and they can get away with it. The Belize government is allowing this to happen. This is crazy and ridiculous and it is killing everything.”

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