BTV to plant trees and plaques at the Guatemalan Border

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-20h20m36s104This weekend, the Belize Territorial Volunteers will continue to demarcate the Belize border from Guatemala’s. On Saturday, the group will be going up north to Aguas Turbias and on Sunday to Garbutt Falls. Then on Tuesday, they head to Gracios Adios to visit and examine the present markers.  Also on Tuesday, the group plans to raise the Belize flag on the Belize side of the monument, plant three mahogany trees as a symbol of Friendship and install a metal plaque labeled “Belize.” This will be in commemoration of the 154th anniversary of the signing of the 1859 Boundary Treaty by Britain and Guatemala, describing the border between Belize and Guatemala. As you may know by now, the activities of Wil Maheia vlcsnap-2013-04-25-20h20m59s99and the BTV have sparked a lot of interest from Belizeans not in Belize, but also in the US. Just before their last trek earlier this month, they received some gear from a Belizean residing abroad, and as fate would have, just in time for this weekend’s trip, the group has received 23 pair of boots, from donors in California. In a press release issued yesterday, the BTV expressed its unending gratitude to the Belizean community home and abroad, who continue to support them. If you want to join the BTV on their expedition, you can contact Phillip de la Fuente at 610-2747. That number again is 610-2747.

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