Buena Vista Chairman Steps up to Clarify his Name

Last night, reports in the local media was that the Chairman of Buena Vista, Eddie De La Rosa was detained in Melchor on alleged marijuana possession.  According to the story published, De La Rosa was with some friends at the Puerta Negra Bar when they were approached by Police.  One of his companions was allegedly caught smoking weed and they were required to pay authorities three hundred dollars in order for them to get off their backs.

Minister Rene Monteroambassador guerraWell, according to the report, De La Rosa later visited the Police Station intending to reclaim his money, but that’s when he was searched and found with a stick of weed.  He was subsequently taken into custody reported the news outlet.   That is the account that was given to us by reliable sourced as well, but we were not able to confirm the report and so withheld from running the story.  We were further told that Ambassador Said Badi Guerra and Minister Rene Montero were working to get De La Rosa back into Belize and that it was not certain whether or not he would be able to return home soon.  But he did and he came straight to our studios last night to set the record straight. The drug possession accusation he affirms is false. Here’s what he says happened.

vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h09m52s109Mr. Eddie de la Rosa- Chairman of Buena Vista Village

“I am a member of the public three terms and I will not embarrass my villagers by taking any drugs or carrying drugs to any country.  I was in Melchor on Saturday because I went to get the fireworks for my Christmas.   At the village when I was in Melchor, I was approached by the Police from Melchor; I had approximately Q5,000 with me to buy fireworks.  I was searched by the officers; I was not under the influence of alcohol, I was sober with my five senses.  Upon I checked my pants after the officers searched my pants, I found out that they were gone with the Q5,000.

After cautioning to them that he would make a formal report, De La Rosa says the officers left, only to later track him down and assault him.

PNC GuatemalaMr. Eddie de la Rosa:  “I spoke to the officer commanding the patrol unit and I told him that I was going to make an official report on the matter that they stole my money.  The officers then took off and gone.   We walked down…meanwhile we were walking down to the border, they came back with some more Police officers, the put me in the mobile, they took me to a remote area and they started to beating me up.  After I was beaten up, I was put in a cell.  I just make a clarification that I was not charged for no weed.  I was taking medical treatment because they told me that they will pay for the medical expenses just for me to not go report it further which I still gone and reported it to the higher authorities there in Guatemala.  I just want to make clear for the Facebook fans and for the media that I was not bringing no weed; I was not caring no drugs”.

De La Rosa says he has acquired the service of two attorneys and intended to return to Guatemala today to pursue the case.  De La Rosa is presently a serving  as Chairman under the operative of UDP Cayo Central Representative, Hon. Rene Montero.


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