Bulgarians back in court for confiscation challenge

 28 year old Jeorji Petrov, and 25 year old Halid Yuksel Aptula have already pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft andvlcsnap-2016-07-20-13h04m02s115 are serving a concurrent 12-month prison sentence.  In May of this year, the Bulgarian nationals were caught stealing from the Belize Bank ATM through a fraudulent scheme; now there is an application before the court to confiscate their personal belongings which included cash, a car and other items were taken from them by the police during their investigationThe appearance before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer was shortlived because the court did not have a translator present; that person is out of the country. While an annoyance, attorney for Petrov Christelle Wilson gave the court the benefit of the doubt in speaking after the hearing:

Christelle Wilson, Attorney for Jeorji Petrovvlcsnap-2016-07-20-13h00m44s182

“Today we came to court to deal with an application that was made by the prosecution for a confiscation order so that the money that the police had confiscated from their place. Unfortunately for my clients this matter will be dragged out a little longer because the translator that the court normally uses was not available. Their mother tongue is not English so in fairness to them they need a translator so that they can properly understand what is happening in the court room.”

As the pair appealed to the Senior Magistrate to explain, she stated that the

As the pair appealed to the Senior Magistrate to explain, she stated that the presence of their translator is very important because she has to make sure that they understand the proceedings in their native language for clarity. The case of the Bulgarians was further adjourned for August 17, 2016. Aptula is represented by Oscar Selgado.

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