Bullet blames PUP for his sexual assault of a minor case

vlcsnap-2018-01-10-14h39m02s684Well known taxi-man and UDP activist Roy “Bullet” Craig was arraigned yesterday for the sexual assault of a 16 year old boy. As we have reported, 76 year old Bullet was arrested on Thursday night at Honey’s Hotel on Dolphin Drive. Police were tipped off and when they went to the room, Bullet and the boy were allegedly naked in the room. Now sodomy is no longer a crime in Belize and the age of consent is 16 but reports are that the boy is claiming that he was forced into Bullet’s car and then taken to the hotel where Bullet tried to force himself on the teen. Police entered the scene just in time, according to the reports. In court yesterday, Bullet appeared before Magistrate Michelle Trapp and pled not guilty to the charge. He was offered bail of $5,000 on the condition that he does not go within 100 feet of the complainant and that he does not contact the complainant or any member of his family. Today, Bullet gave an interview to the UDP media where he tried to explain how he came in contact with the minor through a betting game with kids from Yabra.

Roy “Bullet” Craig

I generally goes to Yabra and have ‘shoot for dollars’. The young man followed behind me, got in my car and we ride around a while and I study tell him ‘boy you going home’. He said his mother is not there. His mother is gone up the road at Faber’s road and his mother is not gonna come back but I said ‘go home’. He said ‘Bullet I wa ride with yuh mien’.

So anyhow because he mi win the shot, I let him ride with me. A shot of basketball where I give them 2 or 3 dollars for a two pointer and if they win the two pointer I double the bet. If they miss I increase the bet. If they win the bet I do double. If they win I give them most, 6 dollars if they win because I put up 2 or 3 dollars and they get 2, 4 or 6 for the first shot. If they win the second shot I double the bet and if they win a third shot then I lay triple. This time this kid neva take the triple. He pulled down his money. So after they win the shot I leave him to go and when I leave him to go the kid come to the car and he want a ride. I said ‘no mein, no,  go home’. He said ‘my mother is not home’. He said ‘my mother deh da Fabers road’. I seh ‘why are you out here. Weh you coming why u nuh gone with yuh mother’. He said his mother nuh take him. He said ‘but I wanna ride with you’. I said you can’t ride with me.

But yet, the minor ended up in Bullet’s car and somehow ended up in his hotel room.

Roy “Bullet” Craig

He got in the car because he win the shot. I feel supportive. So I went around with him and then after I said ‘I’m going to my hotel room’. He still didn’t get out the car. So when I get to the hotel, I parked the car and I locked him out because I don’t trust him. He little kinda psychopathic that I could see. So I nuh trust him. So I leave him downstairs and I gone to my hotel room and next thing I know after I pay for my room, he followed behind me. He run up behind me and gone up the step and when he run up behind me and gawn up the step, the hotel manager saw this and the hotel manager feel like something was wrong.

That’s when police were notified and went to the room.

Roy “Bullet” Craig

And when the police came I open the door right away. They find me on the toilet. That’s where they find me and the little boy was fully dressed. It is not true this is made by the UDP, I mean is made by the PUP sorry. It is made by the PUP that I tried to clinch him or something like that. … this young man is semi unbalanced from what I could understand. 

According to Bullet, he is not a homosexual, not a pedophile, and not even sexually active. He blames the People’s United Party for his dilemma.

Roy “Bullet” Craig

I’m a human and I am 76 years old and I have many respect fi the children. All respect fi the children because this is why I try to help them da Yaborough with the shots. And anybody, if I could get a witness, would tell you that I frequent there shooting ball. Make them shoot the ball and I give them the shots. I am not guilty of this charge and I figure it’s a fabrication of the PUP. PUP try to make it look like because I am a frequent caller on the UDP radio station, they are trying to actually build this story. I have no proof. I could take test or whatever and I did not actually have no sexual arrangement with this young man. I had plenty respect for this young man because ih win the shot, yuh understand but I did not have no kind of sexual arrangement with him but because I am a UDP. The PUP is trying to influence the kid, the mother and everybody to say this bad thing. I am slim. That kid is strong. I can no way persuade him to hold him down and put no condom. I don’t even know about condom yuh understand. I do not have any condom because I never premeditate this. No I am not really sexually active. I would have to use something; Drugs or something for me to get a sexual erected. Nothing like that happen. It’s a fabrication.

Roy “Bullet” Craig is the step father of leading gay rights activist Caleb Orosco

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