Bullet Tree GREAT program

The Bullet Tree Village G-R-E-A-T Summer Program came to a close on Friday, August 3rd. A ceremony was held in the community to end the program which started on July 30th and saw over 54 participants. Through the course of the week, the children were educated on various topics, and participated in campfires, movie nights and lectures. They were even treated to a field trip to the Xunantunich Maya Ruins. We heard from CPL Ciriaco Medina who explained more about the summer program. 

Ciriaco Medina, GREAT Program:  The purpose of having this program is as you may know is the GREAT program has four components; the elementary component, the middle school component, the summer component and the family component. Our purpose here is firstly to engage youths. We know that we are in the summer, so they have less activity when it comes to school work. So what intend and what we do is to engage them in activities, we bring them in. And I am so happy like I mentioned that we got what we wanted, as they are now more prepared and they will have a better understanding of how to go about their daily lives.

A couple of the summer program’s participants also shared about their experience over the past week.

Earl Aragon, GREAT Program: Through all of these we learnt that you should not break into people’s house and take their things to sell them to other people. And then you should not be out there doing all those kind of things like throwing garbage on the ground in your community and you should not put gang signs on the wall in your city or village. You should not use the same needle that others have used to do tattoos on your own body because the tattoo artist who use the same needle over and over for different persons could infect you or others with HIV or AIDS

Steven Perez, GREAT Program: I learnt about verbal communication and non-verbal communication. I learnt about violence.

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