Bureau of Standards cracks down on price gouging

The Belize Bureau of standards has reported that there are quite a number of stores price gouging on rice and sugar following the new controlled prices on those products implemented end of December, 2015.  The Bureau says its officers have so far checked 150 stores countrywide and found 30 of them to be price gouging, meaning they were charging higher than the controlled price set by the Bureau. According to a statement from the Bureau, “To date 2, 770 lbs of products, namely flour, rice (Grade C), white sugar and brown sugar have been confiscated from the 30 establishments…”   Besides having their products confiscated, those business owners are also facing possible charges. The case files have been sent to the Controller of Supplies for review and will thereafter be submitted to the office of the DPP for vetting and advice. The Bureau says that consumers can report any store price gouging by calling them at 822-2665 .

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