A 23 year old resident of Burrel Boom Village was shot to the head in the Village of Roaring Creek V.  Inspector Wifred Ferrafino tells us more
Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: On Saturday June 9th at about 10:05pm, Roaring Creek police responded to shots being fired in Roaring Creek Area, part of the Roaring Creek village. And upon responding to a resident, they discovered an individual lying in a sofa. He was discovered to be Eugene Henderson, a 23 year old resident of Burrell Boom. He was suffering from gunshot injuries to the head and was transported to the Western Regional Hospital. He is now at the KHMH, in the intensive care unit in a critical condition. From what police has been able to determine was that, he was at the residence lying in the sofa when the door of the residence was partially opened and a single gunman fired the shot causing the injuries.

Plus News spoke to the Cousin of Henderson was on the second floor of the house when the incident happened. She gave us her experience of the incident.

Voice of Henderson’s Cousin: I didn’t see anything but I heard. I was in the kitchen upstairs washing dishes from our earlier meal and all the kids were downstairs organizing getting ready to go to sleep and in the quiet of the night we just heard the loud gunshot blast off and all the kids ran to the front door screaming someone got shot. We ran out and to our view, we noticed that the young man, my little cousin was lying he was just bleeding.

According to Police, Henderson is a resident of Burrell Boom, so what was he doing in the Village of Roaring Creek? His cousin told us that the family was gathering to hold a memorial service for 20 Oswald Arnold who went missing three weeks ago.

Voice of Henderson’s Cousin: My family members were here grieving still from the disappearance of our little cousin. We have no intentions of doing anyone anything out there. Whatever transpired, whatever took place, we don’t know because we are not there 24/7 to listen to what took place, but from what I know, this young man that got shot, this was his first time coming up here from so long and since his first incident this was his first visit ,visiting the family back from home. Three weeks ago his mother and his brother was coming and he was the only one who wasn’t coming up and I am so shocked and hurted for it . I mean he didn’t deserve what happened to him and besides that he was sleeping he was the first one to fall asleep on the sofa the midst of when the gunshot took place is when everyone was separating their selves on how they are going to sleep for the night .

According  to the Cousin, Henderson was not the only one in the house at the time of the shooting. He was along with 14 family other family members, including several minors. His cousin told us that many others could have gotten injured in the incident.

Voice of Henderson’s Cousin: At the time of the shooting there was almost 15 persons here all kids and young men the only adult around was the child’s father he was the only adult but he was in the smaller chair near the front door and it happened so fast that no one tried to attack who came in because they were all traumatized by the loud gunshot so everyone rushed towards the young man that was bleeding

Reporter: He was shot through the backdoor and not the front door?

Voice of Henderson’s Cousin: Through the backdoor the backdoor was semi open it wasn’t open wide or closed the thing that got to me is that my child had just walked through that backdoor and they walked up the step with a mattress for my aunt to go and sleep and seconds after they walk in back it took place and the person was already in the yard when my child was walking back inside.

Henderson is currently in the KHMH on life support, but his family is hopeful that he will make it out alive. His father told our media colleagues in Belize City about a Fundraiser that the family is organizing for this Saturday, to cover the cost of Henderson’s medical fees.

Father: What we try to do is this Saturday we try to do a fundraising to support towards the hospital because it will be a big cost so we will try to do a Barbecue fund raising from 11 o clock to 5 in the evening and if anybody wants to purchase they can call us at 605-4151 or 622-3341.

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