Burglar beaten by neighbours and sentenced to 8 years

Roger Bradley, a 34 year old driver, picked up his third conviction for crimes of dishonesty and a second burglary conviction.

Today he was sentenced to eight years imprisonment by Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith.

Roger Bradley was found guilty of burglarizing the home on Freetown Road, Belize City, on the morning of March 25.

He was caught in the act by the babysitter who heard noises in the house and came face to face with a burglar who was attempting to leave with two leapfrog games for children.  The babysitter chased Bradley out of the house and caught up with him at the corner of Freetown Road and Cinderella Plaza area, where a friend who was passing by grabbed the stolen items Bradley. Two men from the area then accosted Bradley with machetes and over a dozen angry neighbors joined in and gave Bradley a beating before the police arrived at the scene.

Roger Bradley will now spend 8 years in prison for the crime.

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