Burglary at Elections And Boundaries Department Belmopan

The elections and boundaries office in Belmopan was broken into over the weekend and burglarized. The elections and boundaries department Belmopan branch safe guards all the electoral records of every voter in Belmopan in addition to every voter in Cayo South, so it would not be a surprise if this topics turns your stomach. However according to officials from the elections and boundaries, after making their checks, they discovered that all the records were intact. The only things stolen were $25 dollars in cash and an assortment of items including a micro wave, 2 small radios and 2 bottles of coffee. According to police investigators vlcsnap-2015-04-28-09h03m34s250sometime between 4 pm on Friday evening and 8 am on Monday morning, a person or persons cut the 2 badlocks of the shutters and then gained access inside the building by prying open the wooden doors. Then the perpetrators proceeded to ransack the office but strangely did not tamper with the electoral records. Police continue investigations

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