Burned body still not verified as Pamela Lino’s

There have been a number of unsolved cases in which police seem to have no more leads to follow. As we told you at the top of our newscast, there has been a second kidnapping and murder of a couple in Corozal. It is the second such case in 5 weeks. Both of those cases, at this moment, are unsolved crimes.  Another unsolved crime at this point is the Pamelo Lino one where the Baptist High School teacher’s car was found burned off the George Price Highway, a body inside charred beyond recognition. That discovery was made May 1st. Police have still not positively identified the body as that of Lino, saying that the DNA samples were sent out to the lab but they have received no feedback as yet. Everyone has accepted that it was Lino in the car since she has been missing since then.  Whoever murdered her has still not been arrested and charged. vlcsnap-2017-06-12-15h22m42s662

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