Bus and Motorcycle Crash on George Price Highway

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-18h09m54s60Another passenger bus accident happened Some minutes before 6:00 this morning; this one on the George Price highway near mile 47.

A Valencia passenger bus express was heading to Belmopan when it skidded off the road, attempting to avoid running over a motorcyclist who was travelling in the same direction.

As a result, the bus landed sideways in a culvert.   At least 4 persons were injured, 2 of whom were treated at the Western Regional Hospital.  However none of those injuries were life threatening.

We spoke to the driver of the bus today .

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-18h12m43s83Ivan Valencia- Valencia Bus Driver

“At a distance, I noticed a gray minivan and one MEILUN motorcycle, traveling in the same direction towards Belmopan.  I saw that the minivan braked immediately in front of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle, to avoid crashing into the van, swerved to the left hand side, but the pavement was wet, since the weather was dark and wet.  At a distance, I pat my brakes because I knew that if I would have pressed on them suddenly, the bus could have slide and  turn over and the event would have been worsened.  However, I noticed that the bus continued on its forward motion towards the motorcycle.  So, I tried to avoid running over the cyclist by coming down on the left hand side of the road, but since the soil is soft and wet, it was taken to the direction of a lamp post.  To avoid the lamp post, I had to come back on the road where the motorcyclist was still trying to maneuver on the wet pavement.  I had the motorcycle immediately  in front of me again, so I had to swerve left again, but the right hand side of the bus where the right hand side indicator is, pushed the motorcyclist, he fell off.  When I noticed that, to avoid running the bus over the cyclist, I just held unto my steering.  At that time, I was immediately in front of the culvert”.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-18h09m15s12Reporter:  “How long did it take?”

Valencia Bus Driver:  “It didn’t take long…it happened in a matter of seconds.  It was really something that happened, [in a passenger’s view], slow motion”.

The driver of the motor cycle at the time was 42 year old Karl Tillett a resident of St. Matthew’s Village Cayo.  According to reports, Tillett received injuries to his right elbow and also complained of back pain.

Among the four injured persons was the bus conductor Jorge Rosales, who suffered from a large cut wound to his right elbow. One  female passenger suffered from a broken nose and a swollen leg.

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