Bus Carrying Prisoners Crashes Into Family Vehicle

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-20h33m11s233There was an accident on Belize’s roads this morning involving a Police Department vehicle transporting 13 prisoners to Hattieville and another vehicle. The two vehicles collided at Mile 26 on the Philip Goldson Highway in the vicinity of Biscayne Village, just one mile from the scene of Monday’s accident. There were several persons injured in both vehicles but no fatalities reported. Biscayne resident Emerson Michael was transporting family members in the other vehicle and spoke to us afterward.

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-20h19m12s60Emerson Michael- Driver Vehicle with the Family Members

“I haven’t been there to see what is the outcome as yet. But the police one, they can say it was extensively damaged to the front portion.   As you can see, my vehicle is not damaged much, but it was a very hard impact”.

Reporter:  “Sir, can you tell us about the other police mobile?  We were told that it was transporting prisoners and they were transporting prisoners and some of them got injured”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-20h14m44s144Emerson Michael:  “Yes, it was full with prisoners.  After the accident, they took everybody out of the van.  I saw several…probably over ten prisoners and some of them were complaining about pain in the foot; I saw some of them limping, some of them holding their hand on their side and stuff like that.  Other police vehicles came and transported the prisoners to Orange Walk, caz that is where they were heading to”.

Michael says his family members were harmed as well.  .

Emerson Michael:  “In the vehicle. with me was my mom and three of my kids.  After the incident, my mom sustained some major back-pain,  one oif my sons has a swollen neck, and the eldest one has his head swollen.  They were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Reporter:  “Have you gotten an update on their…”

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-20h11m05s16Emerson Michael:  “Not as yet.  The officer, they told me that they will come her and bring the vehicle for inspection.  So, after inspection is over, iam going to head down to Belize City”.

Michael insists he was following traffic laws.

Emerson Michael:  “I was driving and apparently, I can’t notice what happened, but when he notice me driving slow, he blow his horn, probably thinking I would pull off the road or pick up speed, and I didn’t; I maintained my slow pace.  I guess that is when he noticed I wasn’t picking up speed or pulling off the road.  He hit his break; at the speed he was going, that is what caused the van to swerve.  I was still fully on the right hand side of the road on my half; I didn’t even cross the center line for the road.  So, I wasn’t turning as yet; I was driving slow because I was approaching the entrance of the school.  So I was driving slow”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-29-20h15m05s162Reporter:  “Did you have on your indicator?

Emerson Michael:  “Yes, I had on the indicator; I was driving slow, but I wasn’t turning as yet”.

Police were on the scene immediately and are investigating.


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